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Counseling & Consulting PLLC

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Amy Shore, M.A., M.Ed., LPC, LMHC, NCC (she,her)

Licensed Professional Counselor

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
TX license #75193

FL license #MH19870


Focus on adults, teens, and tweens (life transitions, relationships, family issues and parenting, identity, ADHD, ASD, grief/loss, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, LGBTQ+ and transitioning support)

Specialties include:

*Adoption Specialist

*National Certified Counselor (NCC)

*Certified Clinical Trauma Professional


*Certified Dialectical Behavior Therapy


*Member, Texas Counseling Association

*Member, Florida Counseling Association


Amy R. Shore earned a B.A. degree in English with a concentration in secondary education (certified teacher of English with 13 years in the classroom), an M.A. in Humanities, and an M.Ed. in Counseling.  


She utilizes her extensive education and experiences as a teacher, an adoption professional, and a counselor to help her clients tackle the challenges they face.  Amy regularly attends professional workshops and trainings to stay current in her field. 


Compassionate, kind, warm, and patient, Amy is an empathetic listener and a strong advocate for her clients.

Counseling & Support

When You Find Yourself Struggling

Call now to speak confidentially with someone who cares. Amy Shore is specifically trained to treat clients with anxiety, social anxiety, depression, trauma, family issues (single parenting, divorce, blended families, adoption), identity, self-esteem, bullying, life transitions, self-harm, relationship conflicts, grief/loss, and more. Whether you were affected today, a week ago, or decades ago, Amy Shore will help you heal, learn, and grow.  Today is the day to begin a new chapter in your life!  One step at a time, together, we will get you where you want to be.

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Counseling Adults & Teens

Life's Ups and Downs

Sometimes life gets hard and we lose ourselves.  If you find yourself struggling, you may need short term counseling.  Tweens and teens especially find themselves on a roller coaster of emotions!  Anxiety, depression, social anxiety, cutting, bullying, identity issues, low self-esteem-- adolescence can be very difficult.  Life can throw zingers, and you may be facing a crisis or dealing with a past trauma.  Counseling helps!

Anxiety & Life Transitions

Here for You

Moving from one stage of life to another can cause anxiety and unease.  Are you dealing with a life transition (marriage, birth of a child, divorce, death of a loved one) and you need to talk?  Do you find yourself with anxiety or panic attacks and need to figure out why this is happening and how to get relief?  Amy Shore is here to listen and help you regain your balance.

Adoption Counseling 

Grief/Loss/Identity Issues

An adoptive parent, Amy Shore intimately knows what the adoption process is like and the struggles all members of the adoption triad (birth parents, adoptees, and adoptive parents) face at different times in their lives.  If you or your teen is experiencing depression, anxiety, or difficulty with life transitions, counseling will help. If you need help processing self-identity, grief/loss, and/or birth family history, please look below at Adoption Coaching Services.

Adoption Coach

Amy Shore is an adoptive mom, a former birth parent caseworker for a nonprofit adoption agency, and a licensed mental health counselor. She knows that adoption is bittersweet in so many ways.  Teens and adults who are adoptees often have questions about their identities and backgrounds, at times struggle with grief, loss, self-esteem, and self-worth, and often need someone to talk to about their adoption and their feelings as an adoptee.  Adoptive parents sometimes need help parenting adoptees -- knowing what to say and do to help their child or to sort through their feelings if birth parents re-enter their child's life. 


Adoption coaching is for help navigating life as an adoptee, an adoptive parent, or a birth parent.  It is not a substitute for mental health counseling.  Meetings are online by appointment only and coaching is not covered by insurance. 


Sessions are $150 for 60 minute sessions

Open to residents of all states!

Email: or call 832-915-0189.


Teens and adults who are exploring gender, sexual identity, and transitioning find counseling a productive way to process their feelings and thoughts.  

An experienced LGBTQ+ counselor, Amy Shore can help you with same sex relationship issues, gender exploration and transitioning, 'coming out' to family and friends, and other issues or concerns occurring at home or in the workplace.  


Amy Shore welcomes parents of LGBTQ+ individuals who may be struggling to understand and support loved ones to make an appointment.


Nonjudgemental, confidential, respectful, and compassionate, Amy Shore can help you move forward.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during the first session?

What is your cancellation policy?

When can I expect to feel better?

During the first session the counselor will do an intake to find out more about you -- your health, your background, and the issues that bring you to counseling.  During this session the counselor will explain the counseling process and discuss counseling policies that are important for you to know.  It's a 'getting to know you' session that helps establish a positive therapeutic relationship between you and your therapist.

If you are unable to keep your session appointment, please call or email the counselor within 24 hours of your appointment to cancel.  Of course emergencies arise and there are extenuating circumstances that may prevent you from being able to cancel within 24 hours.  Kindly let the counselor know what the problem is as soon as possible!  If you do not cancel your appointment and do not show up, you will be charged for the session.

Counseling is a process.  You can expect to feel emotional ups and downs during the process as you explore your thoughts, behaviors, and feelings.  Confronting truths will sometimes feel uncomfortable but ultimately this will bring you healing and peace.  Your counselor will help you deal with any discomfort that arises and teach you techniques to help you continue to move forward and fulfill your therapy goals.


Telehealth (online) Sessions
By Appointment Only

Licensed in

Texas & Florida

$150 for 60 minute sessions - individual counseling


$200 for 60 minute sessions - couples/family

All telehealth sessions are HIPAA compliant and secure for confidentiality


 *Crisis Sessions Available*

Insurance Accepted (using Headway for billing)

In network with

Blue Cross Blue Shield of TX,

Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA,

United Healthcare,



Optum (EAP)



Credit card payments

for private pay

through Ivy Pay,

a HIPAA compliant company exclusively for therapists

Monday through Saturday


morning, afternoon, early evening




Amy Shore, M.A., M.Ed, LPC, LMHC


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